The Bible is God's Word to us.

People inspired by God recorded the words that make up the Bible, thus communicating what theologians call special revelation. In other words, God has chosen to reveal Himself not only through creation and conscience, but also specially through Jesus and through His Word. Studying the Bible, then, is a matter of course for those who love God and desire to follow Him. 

We are a Bible-based church that teaches the truth of God's Word. We are not perfect people and we know it; so what we do is lean on the love and forgiveness of God. 


Eight reasons we love to study God's Word:

  • Cultural relevance

  • To learn what God says firsthand

  • Personal edification

  • To help others

  • Jesus (the center of it all)

  • Because it is God's Word to us

  • To know God better

  • Avoiding error